'Life made comfortable' is the cornerstone of Cane-Line’s business, encapsulating their design ethic and product quality. Above all, given its high level of comfort, Cane-line furniture invites you to cherish quality time. 

Pieces are long-lived both in design and durability.

Quiet colours and timeless design are distinctive features, signifying quality.

Classic features that give you forever contemporary furniture.

"Every design is created with summer days and nights in mind bringing you a vibrant outdoor living experience where the furniture completes the atmosphere."

To all designers, the design and expression of every single piece of furniture matter, but at Cane-line comfort is as much a core issue. Their  collections are created to add value to your outdoor living, which is why durable quality and easy maintenance accompany exclusive designs and complete comfort.

The indoor and outdoor furniture ranges are now accompanied by a complementary 'Elements' accessories range available in far northern Queensland exclusively through Island Point Interiors.